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Custom Built Computers To Suit All Requirements

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These days when you are on the market for a computer, it may just seem easier to grab something on a store shelf that you can pull right out of the box. As this in itself can be an advantage, but there are advantages to having a custom built desktop computer compared to all of the other PCs you will find on a store shelf.

One major advantage of a custom built PC is that you get exactly what you want out of the desktop PC that will fit all of your needs guaranteed. This not only gives you exactly what you want, but it also helps you spend your money on exactly what you do need. This means you control what hard drives, graphics cards, motherboards and any other component that you need in your computer is in your full control. This is great for business, personal or gaming computers that have specific needs that are not combined by a store bought desktop computer.

Another advantage of a custom built desktop computer is that you can save costs. Many people say that custom built desktop PC's cost more because when a PC is mass produced the manufacturer saves parts. This is true to an extent, but your local computer stores can get parts to build your custom desktop at a low rate as well. The difference is that you will be getting higher grade parts that normally are not bought on mass produced models and if they are used in a certain model, it will still be competitively priced around a custom built model. The difference though, is that you have everything you want in all parts of the build versus taking what a manufacturer had “bundled” together for you.

In a retail store they will try to upgrade you on extra insurance to extend the warranty. Parts individually carry warranties and most independent computer stores that build computers will give you a better warranty at a lower if not free cost then what any retail store will give. This is why you can expect better performance and reliability from a custom built PC then from a desktop PC you pull out of a box.

In the long run a custom built desktop computer can also save you money because it can be expanded. Not all parts are outdated over time and do not need to be upgraded. In fact, many of these parts can be kept for years and have certain parts become upgraded which can help you save money in the long run. For example, a motherboard could become out of date but the hard drive and graphics card could still be up to date. By just updating the mother board you could still save a lot of money by not replacing the parts that are good. Most custom computer builders will let you know which parts nee dot be replaced.

Not only does PC Academy Leyland have a reputable history of building some of the best custom PC's, but they also offer other benefits such as professional computer consultants who can help you figure out the best specifications for your needs as well as free shipping within the UK. They also can transfer data from your old PC to your new one and pre-load your computer to fit any solutions that you are looking for including business, personal and specific gaming solutions that you may not find elsewhere at a better value and price than anywhere else.

Contact PC Academy Leyland today to find out how they can help you and take advantage of their service that has become so popular in the UK.

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