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Virus Issues, Removal & Cleaning

Virus Issues, Spyware, Malware & Browser Corruption.

PC Academy in Leyland are well known for their attention to detail when it comes to the removal of virus infections, hidden spyware, malware attacks and browser corruption.

It takes a long time to fully penetrate the hidden areas and depths of the registry and program files to fully seek out and destroy all traces of an infection.

You may think just running an antivirus scan will do the job, but you'd be wrong. Sure, an antivirus program will scan for virus attacks and will to some degree remove or quarantine what it discovers. In some instances your software may know the virus is there but cannot remove it because it has attached itself to other programs or has buried itself too deep.

Annoying pop-ups, error messages and login issues are all common issues when you have some form of infestation by viruses, spyware or malware.

We highly recommend having antivirus software on your computer as you do need some form of protection while on the internet these days and to be without any protection would be foolish. In some instances even the best or most expensive protection software will fail you and a virus or similar will get through your defence and infect your computer. In this situation if your protection software cannot remove the infection we will be happy to offer our removal service and clean your pc or laptop for you.

  • Antivirus Software From £18.99
  • Virus Removal Service
  • Browser Corruption Fixed
  • Hard Drive Defragmentation
  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer Cleaned
  • Infected Registry Entries Deleted
  • Unwanted Programs Removed
  • Problem Toolbars Gone
  • Annoying Pop-ups Gone

Whatever virus or software issue you may be experiencing, we have the answer. Please call our company  PC Academy , Leyland's favourite independent home computer store and virus removal experts. No-one cleans a computer like we do; no-one spends the amount of time or has the patience to clean your computer like we do, and that's a promise.

Professional Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service Only At PC Academy

Tel: 01772 641114

Article by Jennifer Thornton

Virus removal, spyware and malware attacks, browser corruption.

Virus attacks and infections to your computer by spyware and malware is a problem that crops up frequently and solutions are simple but comprehensive.

Virus, spyware and malware infections can affect your files, application programs and operating systems. To begin with you should first be able to identify signs of a virus attack on your computer. You know your system is infected when:

  • The browser homepage in your PC keeps on changing
  • There is an increase in pop-up advertisements.
  • Your applications and programs are unable to function in the proper way.
  • The toolbars showing are unknown to you and are behaving strangely.
  • Your PC is slow or hanging often.
  • You keep receiving error messages.
  • The bookmark or your favorite page is showing some unknown sites in the browser.
  • The time taken to open and close any program or document is annoyingly long.
  • Passwords of your accounts holding your online bank and credit card information have been altered.

Malware: Malware is a virus that can hide behind infections very cleverly. If you have identified a virus that is obvious, malware might be present behind this and hence go unnoticed. They cause harm as they leave pieces behind even after your security tools find and remove them. Another nasty aspect of Malware is that it affects your bank account information or credit card as it is built to steal anything which can be acquired to make a profit.

Spyware: This virus installs itself rather sneakily in the computer for the sole purpose of spying on the activities carried out in the computer. They are difficult to identify as they are hidden in the directory of the system. Spyware is normally produced by free software that the user of the computer downloads from the internet or is attached as third party software to some common program updates or is bundled with a software purchase. They also come from unprotected websites that you may have visited. The spyware finds a place on your hard drive and within your registry and starts tracking your internet activities. It will even try to change your usernames, passwords, bank information and all other personal information that is related to finance.

Virus, Spyware & Malware Removed

Clean Up Operation: PC Academy will be able to remove every item after detection as these are the specialist's skills they have acquired over a long period of time.

People think spyware can be removed easily using an antivirus scanner and a removal tool kit. While these methods may find some infections it may not be able to remove them completely. In most cases you need to use both the manual and software methods to ensure complete elimination of the virus.

PC Academy use a variety of specialized software packages, registry entry removals and cleaners to completely remove all traces of infection and corruption to get your computer back to working correctly. A full clean will take  4 8 hours to complete and they would provide helpful advice on how to try and minimize a future attack or infection.

Tel: 01772 641114

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